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High-end computer host, dedicated to your computer host!

I7 eight core GTX1060 alone significantly 16G eat chicken game assembly desktop computer host Jedi survival complete set Ucons ultra-thin one computer 21-24 inch i3i5 quad-core home game desktop machine host full set Jedi survival escape i5/1060 eat chicken game computer host DIY assembly desktop computer complete machine Upgrade pirate ship Avengers 16G 3000 high […]

How to choose a computer CPU, don’t be pitted again!

Everyone knows that the CPU is the brain of the computer and is a very important part of the computer. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose a high-quality CPU, but many computer whites are recommended by the manufacturer’s brother, you must know people. It is necessary to maximize the benefits, and the price/performance ratio that […]

How to choose pc host power supply

I believe that many diy enthusiasts only pay attention to the CPU and graphics card when assembling the computer, and often ignore the power supply. In fact, the power supply as a small heart for the computer to provide energy to each component directly affects the normal operation of each component. How do you choose […]

Which computer host is playing, the performance is high, and the computer runs particularly smoothly!

AMD R3 2200G desktop Ruilong game customer service computer host office assembly machine home full set South China Gold E5 eight-core computer host 8G memory quad-core independent desktop computer DIY assembly machine LOL game The role of the power supply, good power supply can be, (cpu, main card, video card), etc., the components provide a […]

Recommended exquisite office utility computer host configuration

The configuration is as follows: CPU: i3 8100 Motherboard: ASUS Saint H310M-D3V Memory: Kingston 8G Hard disk: Western Digital 1T Solid state: Western Digital 240G Graphics Card: Colorful 1050TI GAMING 4G Chassis: Cool Cool Extreme Q300L Power: Huntkey 500W Radiator: Qiao Sibo 120 Water Cool Angel Eye 601 Edition This set of configuration is extremely […]