Which computer host is playing, the performance is high, and the computer runs particularly smoothly!

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The role of the power supply, good power supply can be, (cpu, main card, video card), etc., the components provide a stable output, can reduce the voltage instability, can extend the life of the cpu and graphics card and other components, said so many now Share how to choose a quality power supply.

Brand selection, nowadays there are many power supply brands in the market, which can be described as dazzling. First of all, we must choose a big brand. The big brands are very solid in workmanship and materials. The so-called brand is also a guarantee of quality, not to be cheap or to be agitated by businesses. Choice, so as not to cause trouble, I have seen a lot of computers because of the choice of small brands or even brand-name power, resulting in the computer can not boot, crash, automatically restart, and even burned the motherboard and so on.

Because of the need to purchase, according to their current configuration and future needs to choose the power of the power supply, simply speaking, if the general configuration does not have a single display, but usually at home, rated 250W enough, if the belt is independent, at least rated at More than 300W, we must pay attention to its rated power, not the maximum power, but also consider a series of problems such as computer upgrades in the future.

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