The server is so powerful, why no one directly used it as a computer host?

With the continuous development of the economy, more and more enterprises and companies are emerging. In the daily operation of these enterprises, it is very important to have a device. It is a server. The server can provide a lot of services for enterprises or companies, such as data storage, data migration, content sharing, etc., and the server’s hardware configuration is powerful, powerful, and can be used for several days on home computers. Faced with such a server, one can’t help but have a question. Why is the server so powerful and no one uses it as a computer?

1, the price is expensive

We all know that the hardware configuration of the server is very powerful, the processor, memory, hard disk, etc. are much higher than the home computer, which also makes the price of the server remain high, the price is basically maintained at the level of tens of thousands. The price of a home computer is much lower, and it takes only a few thousand pieces to assemble a computer that can play games and work.

2, the server is noisy

I believe that people who have entered the IDC room have seen how much noise the server has. Because of the high performance of the server configuration, the requirements for heat dissipation are also very high, which causes it to generate considerable noise when it is working. Imagine you are using such a noisy server, and are you in the mood to play games?

3, the graphics card category is different

Most of the graphics cards installed on the server are graphic graphics cards, mainly dealing with professional image work. The optimization and support for the game is very weak. It is not as comfortable as playing a game with a separate graphics card on a home computer.

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