Recommended exquisite office utility computer host configuration

The configuration is as follows:

CPU: i3 8100

Motherboard: ASUS Saint H310M-D3V

Memory: Kingston 8G

Hard disk: Western Digital 1T

Solid state: Western Digital 240G

Graphics Card: Colorful 1050TI GAMING 4G

Chassis: Cool Cool Extreme Q300L

Power: Huntkey 500W

Radiator: Qiao Sibo 120 Water Cool Angel Eye 601 Edition

This set of configuration is extremely practical, taking into account office and games, work and entertainment.

The flag of Shengqi is the new brand of Asus. This motherboard is the ASUS 310M-K vest, which is extremely cost-effective. Kingston memory has good compatibility. Xiaobian strongly recommends it. (Buy Kingston memory must be polished, or it is easy to buy fakes.)

The hard disk is based on Western Digital’s solid state and mechanical disks. Solid-state prices are now falling, and 240G SSDs are a must. Colorful this 1050TI is a white fan looks very beautiful, the only regret is that the independent power supply is canceled.

Cool and supreme, this Q300L chassis is compact and cool.

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