Will AMD bid farewell to independence? AMD’s new APU exposure: give up alone!

Recently, the AMD next-generation Ruilong 3000 series desktop-class mainstream processor broke the news is very exciting, up to Ruilong 9 down to Ruilong 3 seems to use 7nm, high-end Ruilong 9 3850X has up to 16 core 32 Threads, and the frequency can be dynamically accelerated to 5.1GHz, the entry-level Ruilong 3 3300X and the Ruilong 3 3300 will also go up to 6 core 12 threads and maintain 50W of thermal design power.

Previously, it was reported that the Ruilong CPU and APU will be released together. In terms of APU, the Ruilong 3000U series for thin and light versions is likely to adopt 12nm Zen+, which is one generation behind the desktop level, and the new model will only increase the frequency. It may be necessary to use 7nm for the APU.

According to the new news, AMD is preparing for the new Ruilong 3 3300G and Ruilong 5 3600G processors. The Ruilong 3 3300G has 6 centers and 12 threads. Its center frequency scale is 3.0~3.8GHz, and the thermal design power consumption is only 65W. Its integrated Vega architecture will add 15 more computing units, or 960 stream processors, for an estimated price of $129.99.

Ruilong 5 3600G will reach 8 centers and 16 threads, the center frequency scale will come to 3.2~3.8GHz, and the thermal design power consumption will be increased to 95W. The Ruilong 5 3600G integrated Vega architecture will add 20 computing units, which is 1280 stream processors, and the price is estimated to be $199.99. Visual inspection can almost reach the level of the RX560 graphics card, and it is really not possible to use a discrete graphics card.

However, the Ruilong 3 3300G and the Ruilong 5 3600G may not be released until the third quarter of this year. The recent CES 2019 exhibition may not have their appearance. In any case, I am still very much looking forward to it. Whether it is a desktop CPU or a mobile APU, AMD may really have to turn over this year. The arrival of 7nm Zen2 products will inevitably cause some turmoil in the market.

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