Can the DIY fanatic “liquid nitrogen gun” be suitable for home computer mainframes?

Many small partners are always trying their best to improve the performance of their computer hosts when they are doing DIY transformation on their own computer mainframes. Some methods are also varied, and even some limit methods are wonderful. I will take you today. Look at the most current “liquid nitrogen gun”. Since there is a gun in the name, it is definitely not as simple as domineering. The name of the gun is definitely the meaning of firepower, but today’s “liquid nitrogen gun” is not powerful. However, the cold is strong, for friends who understand liquid nitrogen, it may be known that the temperature of liquid nitrogen at room temperature is -196 ° C, this time know why his cold power is strong.

Liquid nitrogen refrigeration computer

Having said that, there may be many friends who are thinking about what the “liquid nitrogen gun” means. In fact, it is a kind of gameplay in the computer DIY overclocking world, that is, let the computer reach the limit operation overclocking, and then use liquid nitrogen to cool, because the liquid The boiling point of nitrogen is -196 ° C. Under normal atmospheric pressure, if liquid nitrogen is formed below this, when liquid nitrogen is exposed to room temperature, it will boil rapidly, thus achieving the principle of rapid cooling and cooling, so many DIY overclocking partners use this principle to play extreme overclocking and physical cooling of CPU and GPU, and because of the timeliness of rapid cooling, they are often referred to as “liquid nitrogen guns” by many madman DIY friends.

Liquid nitrogen computer refrigeration
So how can we achieve liquid nitrogen refrigeration? First, we have to prepare a tank for storing liquid nitrogen. The bottom surface should be flattened and fixed on the main board. Then we can make an insulation layer. There are many materials for the insulation layer. Here, why do you want to make insulation layer, which is the same as the insulation layer of the freezer. Even if it is cold inside, it will not be frosted outside, or you think about it, the CPU inside is cooling down, but the outside of the liquid nitrogen tank is frosted. Once the melting board is connected, it is necessary to keep the heat, so the insulation must be done well. In a picture of the top of the board on the picture above, like a barrel, it will continue to take “smoke” after adding liquid nitrogen. I think this is the true meaning of the “liquid nitrogen gun”, or the source of the name.

Computer liquid nitrogen refrigeration
So let’s return to the theme, why is liquid nitrogen a favorite of overclockers? For extreme overclockers, it is clear that air-cooling and water cooling can no longer meet their cooling needs, so the highest level of DIY heat dissipation is liquid nitrogen heat dissipation, liquid nitrogen The temperature is -196 ° C, which can instantly reduce the temperature, and has a very strong suppression effect on the extreme overclocking CPU temperature. And as long as the liquid nitrogen is not lost, there is almost no room for temperature rise. In one of the most important things, liquid nitrogen is absolutely rolling-type refrigeration for the heat dissipation of the computer. Some people have done experiments, which is overclocking in the computer CPU. At the time when the eggs can be fried, the liquid nitrogen is added instantaneously. As a result, the CPU stops the food in just a few seconds, and the temperature is almost vertically lowered. Perhaps it is because of the principle of liquid nitrogen’s limit cooling. The favorite of DIY overclockers.

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